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How it all began...

I wasn't "born" a Medium. I was not that kid that saw stuff no one else did. I do not have one of those cool, "I woke up and my deceased Grandmother was at the end of my bed and I talked to her.." stories. I was pretty normal. Well, I guess that is up to your definition of normal! HAHA! Sure, I had some experiences as a child that I can now recognize as a paranormal event; but overall, it was a normal, happy, uneventful childhood. I was happy. I had two parents who loved me and two older brothers who tolerated me well enough and did not scar me too badly...except that time one of them almost cut my finger off. That is a story for another time!

This story begins when I was around 30 years old. I was driving down Rt. 3 South, coming home from Braintree. As I was headed towards exit 15, I was suddenly compelled to get off the highway and head towards the Barnes & Noble bookstore. I don't think I could have stopped myself if I tried. I was being led by a force that I still cannot explain. I knew where I was headed, but I did not know what I was supposed to be looking for in the store. I walked into the store, and as if I knew the layout already, I walked right to the back of the store to the "New Age" section. There, I knew I needed to find a book on Mediumship and I knew I would know it when I saw it. As I scanned the book titles, I stopped on the one that felt right, took it from the shelf, flipped open to the first few pages and started reading.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating with Spirits. I knew this was the book I was supposed to read. It was not the prettiest book on the shelf; in fact, I rarely get these types of books, but something told me this was the one! As I started to read, I quickly came to a part where the author talks about the "Braintree Split"...wait, what!? I was JUST there! So, I keep reading and it turns out that this Author, Rita Berkowitz, had an office about a mile up the street in Norwell...I was RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM HER! I took that book right up to the counter, paid and hurried home.

As soon as I got home, I looked her up online and saw that she was an amazing local Medium who offered Spirit Drawings, Mediumship Readings and Tarot Card Readings. AND she offered beginners' mediumship classes! That of course, was full and on a waitlist... :( So, I put my name on the list and figured I would catch the next class...but wait! I got the call the next day, I was IN!!!

That was the start of my journey. I took many classes with Rita Berkowitz and then continued my training with other teachers until I finally opened my own office in Carver.

I firmly believe I was LED to this point. I was guided. It was Spirit showing me my destiny and the path I was to walk to help others. I am forever in awe of how Spirit works and guides us to where we need to be.

Blessed Be ~


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Cindy Taglini
Cindy Taglini
Jan 01, 2023

My husband and I had a great reading with Sarah, she is definitely very talented, and a very nice person, she makes you feel comfortable, we can't wait to see her again, thank you so much Sarah, it was a great way to start the New Year,

Cindy & John Taglini🤗

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