My name is Sarah Angley and I am Psychic - Spirit Medium.  I live in Carver with my incredible Husband and our two amazing daughters.  


I was not always a Medium, or even psychic.  Although I always knew there was something going on in my head, I did not discover I was a Medium until I was in my early 30s and I was literally led to this path.  There is a blog post about that here: https://www.sarahangley.com/post/how-it-all-began.  After being led to this path, I felt a calling to open my own office where I give private and group Mediumship and Tarot card readings.  

I have been studying Mediumship and giving readings now for over 12 years.  My goal during a reading is to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the continuity of life.  I will give you validating pieces of information to show you that your loved ones are still with you and deliver messages of love, hope and healing.  It is my intention that you leave an appointment with me feeling the peace and love of your loved ones in Spirit.  

Blessed Be ~ Sarah