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Kristin D:

Incredibly gifted, caring and so tactful especially in a group setting! Sarah delivered messages from a number of loved ones and brought us so much comfort. We absolutely loved our experience and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

Taylor M:

Sarah is awesome! She said things no one else knew at my party. Everyone loved her. Can’t wait for another party!

Tracy L.

I have seen Sarah multiple times...always point on even with names!...would recommend Sarah to everyone. not only is she an amazing Medium but she is an amazing person!

Sue D.

Very accurate knows her stuff!

Evie S.

Amazing..I've been to group readings and even a one on one. After that one on one I was encouraged. Sarah took away any doubt I ever had. I definitely will be back ASAP to try and connect with more Loved ones. She was so detailed and on point with my Loved ones. My reading brought me peace in a way that I could've never imagined. Can't Thank you enough Sarah.

Vanessa K.

I couldn't appreciate this anymore and it helped me so much and made the pain come right off my shoulders I would definitely do this again I absolutely loved it

Robyne M.

Such a talented medium. Wonderful group reading!

Christina R.

I had a reading with Sarah today. It was an amazing experience. I've had a few other readings from others before, but never felt like it was a true reading. Sarah had me convinced when she mentioned the fact that my best friend who I lost twelve years ago was wearing a baseball hat but a little to the side. That was his preferred way of wearing hats. I left the reading feeling moved, enlightened, and wanting to come back again. Her energy was amazing, and I couldn't leave without hugging her. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a spirit medium to see her.

Trisha B.

I had a reading with Sarah this morning. It was the best experience and something I really needed. My loved one came right threw which I was hoping he would. Sarah was amazing she was right on about everything and so kind. I'll definitely be coming back to see her I highly recommend her.

Kristen F.

I've never had a reading before, I wasn't sure of what to expect. Immediately arriving, I felt welcome, she's very nice and has a warm friendly personality. The reading starts and she actually describes individuals, she tells me things that were true, that she couldn't have known. I was enlightened and in awe by the entire experience. I would highly recommend and cannot wait to make an appt for a reading with tarot cards!!

Sara M.

I had an amazing reading with Sarah and highly recommend her!

Shonna C.

Sarah was amazing and has a beautiful gift. She took the time to give me a reading that brought so much comfort and validation.

Jaclyn J.

I can't describe how amazing Sarah is, if you've been thinking about having a reading do it with Sarah!!!!

Sheila J.

I had a great reading with Sarah. She was able to pick up on a lot of my relatives and gave me each their special messages. She was so in tune and spot on with all she relayed to me. I walked away feeling I got just the messages I needed and a new sense of healing for me.

Courtney D.

Such tears of joy I had with Sarah's bringing people to me that have passed on! Thank you so much! You were right on with everything and it absolutely amazed me! I can't wait to come back and see you!!

Jess H.

Amazing place. I have known the owner for years and she never ceases to amaze me with the insight she is able to provide. The space has an incredibly calming and welcoming tone. Highly recommended for spirit readings and tarot!

Robin M.

We had an amazing night Sarah thank you so much.

Kim D.

Sarah is such a great person. Her energy just radiates. Stop in you won't regret it.

Cassie G.

Sarah did an awesome job of bringing through my loved ones and delivering messages from them. The way she described them and their personalities, I definitely knew who she was talking about. Loved it!

Tiffany F.

Sarah was absolutely amazing. I had tears in my eyes. I would definitely recommend using her. You won't regret it. I can't wait to do it again. Thank you so much Sarah!

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